Talkspace is therapy that you can do through text messaging. 



They would be setup at different points throughout. The first one would be just after you go through the turnstiles. The second would be on the way to the train and, depending on the station, would be customized to the travel time to popular stops on the line, i.e. this one says 40 minutes, but if it were two stops closer it would say 20 minutes. The third is the payoff to get people to download the app before they hop on their train, so they could use the app on the way to work. 


We would also pepper banner ads throughout websites people visit before they head out to work and highlights that the app can be used anywhere. 


We would also setup a Happier Hour for people to come and meet our therapists. We would have the therapists behind the bar instead of the regular bartenders. We would lead people in with signs on sidewalks, written in chalk. 

And once they arrive at the Happier Hour, here are some of the things they will find. 

This is the selection of Mocktails available during the event.

A Bench.

And what better way to enjoy a therapy session with a nice, hot cup of tea. 

Art Director: Tori McGoogan

Copywriter: Stango Mike