Butter has gotten a bad rap over the years. However, fun fact: fat is important for the production of hormones in your body. The grass-fed cows of Kerrygold make butter that not only contains essential fats, but also vitamins as a nice bonus. 



Watch the cows feed, LIVE! We are going to put a goPro on a drone and fly it around the grazing fields in Ireland and stream it through our website. 


We also would make RunKeeper accounts for the cows so people can friend them and see if they have been more active than a cow on any particular day. 

We'd also give the cows their own Twitter accounts so they can brag about what great shape they are in, like they were Crossfitters. 

Outdoor Activation

To further highlight the grass fed aspect of the cows we would set up restaurants for cows. In order to gain attention and media exposure, we would open them in cities (because there aren't usually a lot of cows in cities). 

And we would make it Google Maps official.

Along with Yelp! reviews. 

Silly Fun Stuff

Finally, we would give everyone the grass fed butter experience in their own homes.*

*Cow not included. 

Art Director: Ryan Witcher

Copywriter: Mike Stango