I lift heavy things.

This is what's fun to me:

Loading a bunch of weight onto a bar and seeing if I can lift it.

It's a type of fun best enjoyed alone. With loud music. At 6am.

 Showing Gravity just how weak it is.

That's what's fun to me.

How much I can lift: Tafts vs. Madisons.

Pictures of things I could probably lift.

United Flight 405, ready for takeoff.

Current Program: 5/3/1 Boring But Big/GZCL Method hybrid of my own design.

Previous: 5/3/1 BBB 3-month Challenge (but ran it for 18-months). Ran a Smolov Jr. cycle for bench in January last year, bench increased but everything else suffered. My mother taught me too well to even try Smolov for squats.

Current goals:

6 plate deadlift (585lbs). 

4 plate squat (405lbs).

3 plate bench (315lbs).

2 plate overhead press (225lbs).

I even have an Excel workbook. 

You can ask to see the whole thing. I don't mind sharing. But I'll think you are weird.